Shred My Card - Terms and Conditions

Shred My Card promotion is for new members ages 18 years or older who successfully open a new Checking Account with Direct Deposit, Debit Card, and e-Statements within the first six months of their credit union membership. Direct Deposits must be a minimum of $250, and must be deposited within 90 days of account opening. New Checking Account must remain open and in good standing for a minimum of six months, otherwise early cancelation penalty may apply. $100 will be deposited in the new members account within 30 days of Checking Account, Direct Deposit, Debit Card, and e-Statement enrollment verification by Co-op Services Credit Union. Federal, state and local taxes, if any, and any other costs or expenses related to acceptance and use of the prize not specified, are the sole responsibility of the recipient. This offer may not be combined with any other checking offers.
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We'll Give You $105 to
Shred Your Bank Debit Card
Are you tired of getting hit with crazy bank fees? Shred
your bank debit card and we'll give* you $105. Co-op Services
Credit Union offers a free checking account with a no-transaction
fee debit card. If you're really fed up with crazy bank fees,
take a moment to join thousands of other Americans and speak
your mind below.
No More Fees!!!
First they upped their minimum balance fees. Then they took away free Checking. Then they wanted to charge $5 a month for using your debit card. What's next? The average bank customer pays between $8-12 a month for the privilege of having a big bank Checking account. Now it's your turn to fight back.

Do you know who takes all of its profits and gives 'em back to the people that bank with them in the form of better rates and lower fees? Co-op Services Credit Union! If that's not enough to blow your mind, Co-op Services will give* you $105 when you shred your current bank debit card. Just stop into any branch location, open a Free Checking Account with direct deposit and we'll help you send a message to the big banks by shredding your current bank debit card!
To get* the $105, all you have to do is open a Co-op Services Free Checking account with direct deposit, e-statements and a debit card. Just like the name says, it's free. Including the debit card which has no debit transaction fees. You can sign up at any Co-op Services branch location and when you shred your bank debit card in our office we will give you $5 in cash on the spot. The remaining $100 will be deposited in your account as soon as we verify your direct deposit.

*Click here for full Terms & Conditions.

Send Your Bank a Message
Banks made 76 billion dollars last year, tell them you've had it with their fees. Submit your comments below.
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I'm going to open up an account at a credit union tmw! I am so fed up with Chase's overdraft fees. The customer service at Chase is horrible anyway! I...
Brittany S
I am so fed up with TCF Bank. I overdrew my account (my fault) and got charged $28 for both Saturday and Sunday for being overdrawn. Fine, I transfe...
Kevin V
When I deposit an out of town check TCF holds MY money for 5 BUSINESS days and don't count Saturday and Sunday. But if I overdraw my account, you cha...